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1Valid How to add Thanks button on Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:11 pm

Press like »»

• For this you must place the following code in forum description.

You must reply to see the code!
• Remove the "+" in {USER+LINK}

• For the thanks system to look good, we need to install some CSS code.
• Navigate to your forum's CSS and you'll need to insert the following code at the end of the text box.
• Please note that this is fully customizable to your liking.
• You should change the colors to match your site and make your thank system look unique.

You must reply to see the code!

• Now first of all open your viewtopic_body template.
• Then look for this: <!-- BEGIN displayed -->
• Directly underneath it, add this

You must reply to see the code!
• Next you need to decide where your going to put your thanks button.
• It's recommended to add it below this line: <div class="post-options">

You must reply to see the code!
• Lastly you need to add the box that will display the usernames of the people who have thanked the post.
• Its recommended to add this below this line: <!-- END switch_signature -->

You must reply to see the code!
The Screenshot below

i S u p p o r t . F o r u m t l . C o m

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